Working Together To Inspire


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All of our clothing is locally made in Farmington at STOAD's



paddle boards


SOL uses a specially manufactured sidewall specific PVC. The special PVC is more flexible as well as thicker which makes rolling up the board easier. The PVC has a higher thread count for added durability and also enhances the overall rigidity and stiffness of the board.



Telluride Juice Co.

We use only 100% organic produce and source from local farmers whenever possible.  TJC juices are made fresh daily and are truly raw, thereby preserving their vital nutrients longer.  We never use HPP (High Pressure Processing), cold-pressured or other pasteurization or preservation methods.  




Telluride Yoga Festival

Zenish Yoga studios is proud to be a studio sponsor for The Telluride Yoga Festival. During the festival we offer more aerial yoga classes and a special discounted pass for festival participants. See events for more information.



Making a Difference

Montezuma Land Conservatory

Zenish Yoga Studio donates to the Montezuma Land Conservatory because we believe in their mission: Montezuma Land Conservancy partners with our community to connect with, conserve, and enhance southwest Colorado’s agricultural, scenic, and recreational lands and wildlife habitat for today and future generations.



Making A Difference

For Pet's Sake

We love animals and we love helping them! We donate to their annual fundraiser called the Turkey Trot! They have no paid staff & 100% of their profits go to help our local animals & community.



Making A Difference 

Helping The Community

There are so many ways we try to help our communities! We donate and sponsor many events in every town one of studios is located. If you have an event or a non-profit you would like us to consider donating too please send us an email ~ we would love to hear from you!