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About yoga

Yoga combines physical postures, breathing exercises, meditation, and a distinct philosophy. Hatha, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Bikram, Iyengar, Kundalini, Yin, Aerial and others are classes you will typically see offered around the US. In the beginning, yoga can be intimidating, this a normal feeling. Finding the right studio and teacher are important to your practice. So, let's roll out your mat and get started! 

How do I know if yoga is for me?

Yoga is accessible for everyone, no matter what you look like, how old you are, how you dress, how much you weigh, what you do for a living, where you live or what religion you practice. Yoga is in no way exclusive. It’s possible that you have a certain condition or a recent injury that makes it challenging to do certain types of yoga, specific poses or breathing techniques, but there will likely be safe alternatives that an experienced yoga instructor can help you with. If you are 55+, out of shape or extremely inflexible, begin with a gentle class until you feel it’s safe to move onto something more challenging. Never be ok with pain. A certain amount of discomfort is ok, but pain is your body’s way of telling you to back off.

What you need to know

Yoga is practiced with bare feet on a yoga mat. Even the most basic yoga stretches require clothes that can stretch or move, so wear the most comfortable outfit that allows you to move around easily. If you’re doing a gentle, slower class then dress warm (sweat pants, long sleeve shirt) and if it’s a more rigorous class wear shorts and a t-shirt or a tank top. If doing Aerial Yoga wear yoga pants and a t-shirt. Wear what makes you feel good.

Some classes use additional equipment or props, such as straps, blocks, bolsters, blankets and chairs. You don’t need to purchase any of these to begin doing yoga. If you’re going to attend a class at a studio they will provide everything that you need. If you have your own props you are always more than welcome to bring them.

When doing aerial yoga we ask that you do not wear jewelry and we ask that you wear a t-shirt, not a tank top. This will protect you and the aerial fabric. 

What to bring?

Please bring a yoga mat for both floor and aerial yoga, if doing aerial yoga please wear yoga pants and a t-shirt. Please do not wear socks. Socks can be slippery and could place you off balance or your feet may slip out of the aerial fabric. If you need to wear socks please bring socks with sticky bottoms. We do have some for use at our studio locations.

Why Should I Do Yoga?

There are so many benefits of doing yoga. Yoga can help you:

  • improve and maintain the health of muscles, joints and organs
  • keep your mind healthy
  • get a better night’s sleep
  • improve performance and prevent injuries in sports
  • speed recovery from training
  • prevent conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and auto-immune disorders
  • slow down the negative effects of an office job
  • and increase your sense of happiness and well being.

It’s a practice that is both physical exercise, helping improve toning, stamina, posture, strength, balance and flexibility, as well as a discipline that helps you de-stress, relax, feel healthier and more energetic.

The best way to know if yoga is for you is to give it a try. Do your due diligence first – visit a few different studios or please contact us with your questions. We will let you know what classes would suit you best and give you any advice you need before practicing. If you are someone recovering from an injury or are of poor health we recommended to see a physician before practicing. Especially if you think there may be risks associated with practicing yoga.


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