Kids aren’t always as excited as we are about mindfulness practices, but they have a lot to gain from learning how to cultivate mindfulness on their own. The complex part is presenting in a way kids have fun with it and actually enjoy it! So, we thought why not have kids camp at Zenish! 

Mindfulness programs are popping up in schools nationwide, and studies are surfacing that reveal their positive impact on academic performance, stress levels, and emotional maturity. 

Throughout the camp we will be giving kids the tools to help them fend off negative thoughts and behaviors, build self-confidence, focus, and treat others and themselves with respect and appreciation by teaching them mindfulness, meditation, healthy eating habits, yoga, & using their creative side.

During camp we spend our time equally in the yoga studio room and outdoor times for games, free time and tons of fun!  We will explore character education and values such as confidence, gratitude, healthy living, peace, respect, and allowing the kids to experience a independence, teamwork and self regulation relating to a positive and healthy lifestyle. 

We are offering Zenish Kids Camp at all of our location this summer!  Click on the location below for dates, pricing, & to register.