Class Descriptions

Although classes may have some sort of creative title all our classes are a base of one of the classes listed below. If you have questions please contact us and we will be happy to find the right class for you! 


Ashtanga is always the same class. We will only be going over the Cikitsa series (which is the first of the 6). This class is a 90 minutes and focuses on building strength while lengthening the back of the body (so lots of forward folding) and the side of the body (through twisting) Some of the asanas (postures) are slightly different than a traditional Vinyasa class but this is the perfect place to come try something new! This is an adjustment heavy class but if you don’t want adjustments no worries! (If you’ve never had deep adjustments, trust me, you gonna love ‘em.) If you like deep stretches while building strength this is the perfect class for you.

Vinyasa Flow to Peak Posture

This class will be similar to a typical Vinyasa or “Flow” class. The only difference is we will be working towards a specific goal. While this is represented through a Posture, it is actually working on opening up or strengthening specific parts of the body. You’ll be amazed at the difference you feel from the beginning of class to the end. This class is 60-90 minutes depending on what we are working on opening. 

Vinyasa Flow

Vinyasa flow connects breath to movement. It is a smooth way that the poses run together, is one of the most popular contemporary styles of yoga. Class flow will vary depending on the teacher and the intention of the class. 

Power Flow

Power flow yoga is a general term used to describe a vigorous, fitness-based approach to vinyasa-style yoga. Though many consider it to be "gym yoga," this style of practice was originally closely modeled on the Ashtanga method.

Mindful Yin

Yin is everyone’s favorite type of yoga. It is a deep, deep stretching class with the goal of letting go and relaxing into each asana (posture). I highly recommend taking a Yin class to supplement intense workouts or Yoga classes. Because of my aerial training we will not only use bolsters, pillows and blankets, we will use lowered silks some days as a prop to relax into asanas. Depending on the instructor classes may be more intense or have goals like releasing different lines of fascia or parts of the body. 

Zen Yoga

This class takes place mainly on the floor. Poses (asanas) are held for at least 3 minutes while using your breath and energy to deepen the stretch. While holding the asanas you body well relax, release tension, and allow the fascia to move. 

Slow Flow

Slow flow classes are designed to help you find the space between poses while still retaining the gentle rhythm of a flow yoga. Slow Flow classes are a combination of Vinyasa Flow, Hatha yoga and Yin with fewer transitions than Vinyasa yoga and more flow than Hatha yoga. This is a great beginners class. 


Aerial Classes

Beginner Aerial

Learn the basics of Aerial Yoga in a supportive and fun environment. Hands on help and demonstrations to help you learn how to use the Aerial hammock and get into or get deeper into asanas than you have been able to before.

Aerial Stretch

Typically a 45 minute class.  This class is for all levels of students who feel tightness in their extremities and need a deeper release of their connective tissues with the support of a strong prop like the aerial hammock. Clients are able to relax and rejuvenate into deep stretches with the aid of the aerial swing. Create more space in the body.

Aerial Conditioning (stretch & strength)

Using the aerial fabric and your own body weight we will condition and tone your full body. Classes will vary depending on the intention of the class. You will sweat and smile in this work out. Please wear t-shirts for this class. 

Intermediate Aerial Flow

We recommend you are comfortable with the beginner aerial class before moving on. We will not be focusing on things like how to go upside down or get into Adho Mukha (down dog) but will flow through things learned in the beginner class and start to add in more advanced postures. Depending on the class it may be more focused on learning the asanas or, for a more advanced class, we will flow throughout the class.

Kicks, Tricks, & Flips

This class is just what it sounds like, it is a class based on aerial tricks. It is not a flow based class. We do recommend that you are comfortable with the beginner aerial class before taking this class. You will enjoy the "fun" of this being a kid again!

Aerial Vinyasa Flow

In this beginner friendly aerial class we will flow throughout and will use the hammock as a prop. We may or may not go upside down in the hammock depending on the intention of the class. This is more closely related to your traditional Vinyasa class. 

Kids Aerial

Ages 8+ Kids will learn different asanas from the beginner and intermediate classes in a relaxed and hands on environment. They learn at their own pace while also learning different breathing, relaxation, stretching and strength building techniques.