Letting Go of Fear

I have wanted to blog for a while now about fear and how it has
affected my life and how it still does affect me everyday. We do not
seem to talk about what holds us back, we use rational to control
decisions that have the potential to majorly affect our quality of life.
What I have come to discover are that there are two things that hold
me back from true freedom and one is FEAR; the other is the
process of LETTING GO. I have been on the other side of fear. I
have let fear control many of my decisions, my actions, my thoughts,
my heart, parts of my life that I cannot change. I have failed, I have
lost, and I have been hurt, but I have also risen up and taken back my
life in a way I did not even know that I was missing.

Fear: Part 1

Over that last couple years since I lost my husband to cancer; trying
to start a new business so many people have said to me, “fear is
holding you back,” “You need to learn to let go.” But how could I do
this? How could I date again? I did not want my heart to ever be that
hurt or broken. How could I stop working full-time in a career I have
done for 20 years? How can I move out of my home? I did not have
the money, which was the scariest part. My life was changing and I
was scared…I was led by fear.
Fear told me that I couldn’t love again because I had such an
amazing love and marriage and I could never find that again. Fear
told me that I needed financial security and opening a yoga studio
was not going to pay the bills. Fear told me moving and renting a
home when mine was still for sale was a financial disaster.

Letting Go: Part 2

Learning to let go felt like I was dishonoring my husband and our
love. Letting go of a career meant all that college gone to waste.
Letting go of my home meant leaving memories I had made with my
husband, and plans that we had made for our life. Letting go meant I
had no control, which was very scary.

But the truth was that fear was a crutch holding me back from
happiness, from love, from confidence, from life. And letting go was
process of getting over my fears.
It has been and continues to be a daily battle with these two parts of
me but, over time I have learned little by little that when I do not allow
fear to make the decisions and that I put my faith into the universe,
God, spirit, or whatever term you use, I have been overwhelming
surprised by how I feel on the inside. Letting go of fear and all the
“what if” has given me the ability to soar!

This message was not to tell you to quit your job, move homes, or
find a new love, but to see how fear is holding you back from your
true self, your true path, your freedom and your inner peace. I hope
that you follow your heart and not your fear!
Now, I may still fall, things may not always go how I would like them
but, money is tight but, I will always get up and try again because I
know what greatness lies beyond fear.

I challenge you to ask yourself, “What is holding you back?” My
guess is it is fear based. Now, I challenged you let go…live, love, &
succeed like your were meant too!
~ Much Love ~ Alana

Aspen Groen