Defined Fitness Farmington and Zenish Yoga are excited to be joining together for the first community YOGA CHALLENGE! 

Starting September 1st - 11th, join our Yoga Community in our first instagram challenge! (Don't worry facebookers, you can join too!) Participation is easy, simply take daily pics in the asanas (poses) and use the tags provided. 

This challenge is in memory of the fallen Firefighters on September 11th, 2001. We ask that you please donate to the National Fallen Firefighter Foundation HERE and/or share the link with your posts. If you would like to participate in the stair climb at Ricketts Park on September 9th, you can register, join a team or donate HERE.

During this challenge, use this time to take a moment of silence and remember the men and woman who risk their lives daily so we are able to live ours. 

We thank all of our first responders. 

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Aspen Groen
Letting Go of Fear

I have wanted to blog for a while now about fear and how it has
affected my life and how it still does affect me everyday. We do not
seem to talk about what holds us back, we use rational to control
decisions that have the potential to majorly affect our quality of life.
What I have come to discover are that there are two things that hold
me back from true freedom and one is FEAR; the other is the
process of LETTING GO. I have been on the other side of fear. I
have let fear control many of my decisions, my actions, my thoughts,
my heart, parts of my life that I cannot change. I have failed, I have
lost, and I have been hurt, but I have also risen up and taken back my
life in a way I did not even know that I was missing.

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Aspen Groen
Overcoming My Fear of Aerial Yoga

My sister-in-law first introduced my to the practice of Aerial Yoga on her birthday weekend a couple of years ago in New Hampshire. She asked that I try a class with her. As with any new adventure, I did my due diligence on the internet and had trepidations about this type of yoga. Yoga is not new to me, as I have practice Bikram and Ashtanga in the past; but the images of being suspended like a Cirque de Soleil performer caused me some trepidation. I envisioned myself not so gracefully doing a header into the floor, wall, or the other Aerial participants. So, for the sake of humility, I gracefully declined.

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