Welcome To Zenish

About Us

Aspen Groen & Alana Connelly each individually owned local yoga studios in the Four Corners Region that had a focus on aerial yoga.  They both believe in the power of yoga to heal, find yourself from within, love who you are and bring that into the community to spread kindness and joy. Their love of yoga, especially aerial yoga brought them together and they decided to team up and create one brand focused on making yoga accessible for everyone. 

Our mission is to provide a serene, safe and welcoming space for people to find their own journey through the practice of yoga. We strive to inspire a compassionate heart and feeling of self-acceptance.

We encourage our students to find the peace inside of themselves and take their journey off of the mat and into their communities. We are truly dedicated to the wisdom of yoga, and strive to bring health and happiness to the lives of our students as well as our communities. We offer yoga that is accessible for the first time yogi to the seasoned.

It is our goal to offer classes that meet the needs and desire of our students and community. We ask that our teachers hold true to themselves, practice what they teach off the mat, and never judge or allow judgment in their classes. We hope that you enjoy being a part of the community and the environment we hope to accomplish.


Choosing inspiration over competition for a stronger community and a healthier way to do business.

At Zenish, we come from a place of abundance rather than scarcity. Whether you are the first time yogi or an experienced yogini, we welcome you into our community. We are all in different, beautiful walks of life and with that, we create a diverse group of people.


Unified by a love for the Earth and the people who live in it.

We believe the community extend through our own little studios. We offer free classes, join in community outreach programs, donate our space and have opportunities for karma yogis. We try to leave a minimal carbon footprint while simultaneously uplifting our community. 


Connecting through passion and shared experience.

No matter the instructor or practitioner at Zenish, we all come with a common goal, sharing our passions with you and being there to support you while you live your best life.